Escalator Advertising

Escalator advertising includes handrail ads that are durable 4-color glossy adhesive ads applied directly to handrails on escalators and moving walkways. Escalator handrails reach mass audiences in airports, transit stations, and malls. Other venues where escalator handrails can be found are convention centers, department stores, various retail centers, or any other place that has escalators or moving walkways.
In addition to handrails, escalators can also be equipped with on platform creative to provide a unique, moving marketing campaign. Escalator advertising often provides higher reach and frequency due to its sparse use.

Escalator advertising offers extended exposure time
Escalator advertising directs shoppers’ attention to nearby retail stores and target travelers on their way to or returning from work, home, shopping or vacation. The average person spends 30 seconds on an escalator or moving walkway, which allows the advertiser multiple exposures ad message. Subject to market availability. Not found in every mall, airport, transit center and not available on every escalator or moving walkway.