Frame Advertising


Frame Media is a new type of advertising, very effective. Advertisement template can be a static poster or a promotional video clip. Ads are placed in a static frame or LCD screen. Frame / LCD is located in large buildings, supermarkets, commercial centers, universities, pharmacies ... Frame / LCD locations are usually in prime places: doors, waiting rooms, elevators. ...

Accurate advertising: Right place, right time, right person

Right place: advertising located at office buildings, supermarkets, commercial centers

Timely: When you watch TV, you have the option of Watching ads or changing channels. At the elevator lounge, you also have the option of Watching ads, or not watching.

The right people: FrameAds reaches the right group of potential customers (senior managers, office workers, housewives)

Communication channel strength: Actively attract viewers to advertisements compared to old media. Once using the elevator, in the narrow space, consumers will surely be attracted by the advertising image on the poster frame. 

Systematic: Present in the elevator of 700 buildings in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, reaching consumers in most daily elevator usage activities.