About Us

Saga Intl  is specialist provider of market expansion services for different type  of products like advertising, media, technology, cosmetics, personal care and FMCG products in Vietnam.
Our distribution network stretches nationwide covering all major cities and provinces. We partnership and distribute many famous brands manufactured in the UK, Asia, Europe and USA and work with the largest retail chains and pharmacies.
In addition to this we also have a vast and developed offline retail network where the highest sales volumes of consumer goods are achieved.
We pride ourselves in offering excellent levels of customers services along with ease of market entry and national expansion.

At Saga Intl it is our company’s mission to be the leading provider of bespoke market expansion services for all the overseas companies in Vietnam. Participating in the sustained long term development of Vietnam is something that our company feels highly privileged and honoured to partner to.

Saga Intl  is a fully local invested company specialising in advertising, Cosmetics and other trading projects. Created from a joint venture between investors from Korea and local partners in Vietnam, we are one of the few companies that can bridge the gap between local demands and expectations from foreign entrants. 
Sharing a combined experience of over 10 years in the Vietnamese market, Saga Intl is one of the truly unique companies that can offer end solutions for product entry and expansion.

We create a bespoke strategic plan for every partner and brand we work with. 
Direct distribution in all the main cities (30% of total country) and a distribution network equipped with agents in all key provinces
Strong in-house distribution management system with more than seven years of consumer data across a range of industry segments
Experts in the field of FMCG, cosmetics & consumer goods.
Highly skilled team of FMGC, logistics and sales experts.
Since our incorporation our company has grown rapidly and we are now one of the largest trading company in Vietnam.

Working together with us will enable your company the opportunity to expand into one of Asia’s most exciting new economies. Safe in the knowledge that you will be accessing a reliable network of approved distributors and retailers. To achieve optimum results, a local presence is required to ensure long term partnership success in the Vietnamese market.
Our vast experience and time operating in Vietnam has enabled us to forge the relationships that are essential to removing the complexity when navigating your path to success here.
We pride ourselves on consistently over delivering on performance and exceeding expectations in all areas in Vietnam
Working with us will provide your company an opportunity to link with an established business network across a diverse range of sectors throughout Vietnam.